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for the rest of the 1920s and 1930s, san diego was the center of gravity for all things naval aviation, especially the development of the aircraft carrier as a vital component of the fleet and the tactics that were eventually used to help win world war ii. san diego has never had to look back, both in times of post war conflict during the cold war and in the base reduction that is occurred in the 1990s. so san diego during all the -- all the base realignment and closures had a net gain in bases at the expense of other communities during that time of retraction. because of this, san diego has been able to move forward and develop its own distinctive personality from los angeles because of the major military presence here. and even into the 21st century, we still have the military being one of the pillars of the san diego economy. . we arer: this weekend
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featuring the history of san diego, california. together with our charter partner. learn more about san diego and the other stops on our cities tour at you're watching american history tv. i'll weekend, every weekend on c-span3. weekend.ekend, every announcer: the c-span video library is an easy way to -- and on the front page. on the left side are all the hearings and the presidential events of that day, presidential -- political events of that day. right underneath that on the left is a link that says recent events. they appear in the order that they were on the network. you can search for a person's
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has a page person that contains all their video. on that page is a link, a search box and you put in a word. let's say you want sheila jackson lee, then you put in a word, let's say they talk about climate change. >> members of the congressional black congress tomorrow will receive signatures and public statements of those the manning that this body fully support president obama's clean power plan. >> you want ted poe talking about iraq? put in those words in that will get you to a particular small piece, almost like paragraphs where they made the remarks. ofthe soldiers were members the second armored brigade atbat team and the first, division. these american soldiers were volunteers that's working
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project united states. linkross the top we have a for all of our video clips. you can find all the clips the people made are available for other people to look for. >> who leaves first-come obama -- who leaves first, obama or assad. >> there is another tablets as mentions. decision byzarre the president of mexico to invite donald trump down there. therethe far left side are breakdowns, much like you would find on any other shopping website. you could say i want to see a particular person's name, i want to see the senate committee or a tag for policy. , it is veryside viable for narrowing down. announcer: search, click and play at
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c-span, where history unfolds daily. created as aan was public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to today are cable or satellite provider. brought to you today by your cable or settle at provider. announcer: december, 2016 -- the first 10 amendments the competition. up next, thomas jefferson and house in a hamilton reenactors debate the need for a bill of rights. their debate was at the museum in washington dc and is 30 minutes. >> good morning. i am an educator here at the museum. we are a museum in washington dc and we are here to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the bill of rights.


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